Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Character Production #08 - Final Pose

I've got the final pose ready for texture/shading, and the hair to be put in place. Since the last update on the pose, i have now deleted the history of the geometry, and deleted the joints. As well as this i have now re-sculpted the geometry via some lattice deformers to reposition some lumps and bumps, and correct the geometry. This can been seen mainly under the armpit, and along the arms of the night dress. Now time to stop the character looking alien like and add in some hair.

Character Final Pose


  1. Hi

    I know time is tight but can I suggest re-posing the fingers on the raised had. They are too 'flat' (Horizontal when viewed as a whole). Lower and curl the middle a little, then the ring more, and then the pinky even more. Don't over do it so she is pointing but just enough to bring in variance.

  2. Also, drop the hand lower so the ear is more visible and is lower in height than the foot.

  3. Ok, ill see what i can do. I have deleted the joints now, but ill have a go with some deformers.