Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Character Production #08 - Sub Surface Scatter Shader

Here's the basic SSS shader for the character. So far there is a subdermal, and a scatter weight map plugged into the shader. The next stage will be to add the colour map, possible bump, and to further refine the shader once setup in the environment. Overall I'm very pleased with the outcome so far - the SSS shader aids in taking the image to a new level of quality. Below we have the final product, and some WIP renders taken whilst tweaking the shader to achieve the final result.

Character Sub Surface Scatter Shader
Character Sub Surface Scatter Shader WIP's


  1. Hi Rich

    Please take a look at the following corrections to your pose / scene.

  2. Hey Alan,

    Cheers, ive been re-doing the scene and the pose today. Will post an update later on tonight.