Monday, 14 May 2012

Environment Production #02 - The Scene

Ive not posted anything in a while, but have been working on various different parts of the project. For the most part i have been working on rigging the character for posing (which has had a rather wide range of problems), and the scene for the environment has begun to take shape. The majority of the scene in in place, however there are some props which need to be added, as well as the posing of the little girl, and the tentacle. 

As you can see the scene it pretty heavy on its polycount, this is due to the fact that i am modelling as much of the detail as possible, rather than texturing it. The floorboard, and the bathroom tiles, are good examples of this, as they could both easily be created in the texturing stage. I have also smoothed each individual model so there is less distortion in the texture when rendering.

Environment Scene
Environment Scene WireFrame
Environment Scene Render
Bathroom Render
Door Render
Camera Angle WIP

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