Friday, 25 May 2012

Tentacle Production #03 - Sub Surface Scattering

Today i have been texturing and shading the tentacle, a process which i knew i wanted to complete via sub surface scattering. After spending some time working on the SSS shader for the character, i felt it was time to tackle the tentacle, which i must say has been one of the hardest parts of the project so far. I'm happy with the results that have been produced, with just the spec map, and some minor tweaking to be made. The shader started as a basic misss fast skin shader, i then went on to adjust some of the setting, plug a colour map into the overall colour, and an mib_amb_occlusion into the diffuse. I then went onto plug in a displacement map using a 2d water procedural texture, and a bump map which started out as the same, however due to some problems, a simple texture map was created via photoshop.

Tentacle SSS Shader Pose Test
Tentacle SSS Shader Development
Tentacle Colour/Bump Map

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