Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tentacle Production #04 - Position

I have spent the morning working on positioning the tentacle in the scene. Initially i planned on using just the one tentacle and posing it the best way possible, however the tentacle itself was too short and too thin, and left some what of a dull impact. So i decided to use a little maya trickery, and use 3 different tentacles, each positioned to look like one. I then also had to rig another more refined/smalled tentacle to wrap around the little girls leg. The next stage will be to create the lighting set-up for the tentacle, and the apply the SSS shader that i have previously created.

I have also spent last night working on the little girls hair, and some great progress has been made. The shape is almost in place, which just leaves the lighting and render settings to play with - a post will be on its way shortly.

Tentacle Very Near Final Pose
Tentacle Initial Pose Attempt

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