Thursday, 17 May 2012

Texture Development #01

With the basic lighting in place, the texture development has now begun on the project. So far i have put a base colour on the character, which enabled me to see some stretching faults in the characters night dress which went un-noticed whilst unwrapping the UV's. I have also put the base colour for the hallway in place - which is looking rather promising. The next stage of the texturing process will be to complete the base colour for the entire environment, add a pass of detailing to the colour maps such as dirt, then start to develop the bump maps.

The hall rug will be textured with a colour map and will be created using maya fur, so for now the base colour will serve as a rough idea of what the scene will look like.

Hall Way Colour Development
A qucik test showing the character in the environment, as i had not yet put the two together. With some dodgy lighting on the character, its allready becoming more clear what lies ahead.

Character + Environment Test
Character Texture Development #01
*Update I have now added in the base colour for the bathroom wall, now with just the toilet and the sink to go.

Bathroom Colour Development

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  1. Hey, i was thinking that your bathroom doesn't seem to have a door at the moment