Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Oriental West Goes On...

With the prep work for New Designers well underway, i have now been working on 'The Oriental West'. Some stills of how the project finished can be seen HERE. Sam has been working the the street/alley scenes, and i have been working on the courtyard night time scenes, which is also being used a a back plate for the day time shots. The majority of the work is in place, with just some minor tweaks in a lot of places that need adjusting. I have been filling the scene with more buildings, adding more props and adjusting the camera movements. Here's how its looking so far in a whopping 1080p still, a resolution i believe we will be rendering at. The next step will be to further build up the scene with more detailed buildings, adjust some shaders on the metal, and add in a more refined lighting system.


  1. Oh wow, these are some major improvements to the lighting / atmosphere. I love it. Did you change the wood texture? They seem much nicer also. Fantastic. :D

  2. On a more 'critique' note. I think the rock in the background is way too low res and pixelated. You also should work on the integration for the lanters, the poles are just inside the wood, it doesn't read as realistic. Figure out how they'd be mounted (a just a cylinder beveled at the base would even make it read as more realistic. Throw some AO on with that too and you're laughing. Mostly I'd say to work on the integration of objects, harsh seams just make it all feel 'CG' instantly.

    Comp2 is really nice, Comp1 needs a bit more I think. Good stuff ;)