Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Im Going Back

As much as i liked the final render for the re edit of The Toilet Terror, i couldn't just leave it alone. I have decided to go back into production of the character and on the final illustration itself. The illustration is now going to be 16:9 similar to the clay render posted before. So far i have modelled the hair in completion - with some minor tweaks to come. As you can see the hair now matches the rest of the scene in terms of style, so overall the final image should look very pleasing.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Toilet Terror Re-edit

I decided to go back and re-edit 'The Toilet Terror' to the best of my abilities within Photoshop. I wasn't quite happy with the previous image for many reasons, but to fix these would involve going back into production within Maya - something i don't really want to do. Therefore i decided to re-comp the image within Photoshop, some of the changes include; motion blur/movement of the hair to make the foot more visible, some further time spent refining the window, brightening of the character, and the toilet (to look more porcelain), and the brightening of the overall scene. The previous edit can be sen HERE.

Some behind the scenes images...

Friday, 13 July 2012

New Designers 2012 and Graduation

Well that's it, the past three years of my life, to say the least have been eventful. I'm proud to say that i have now graduated UCA Rochester with a Ba (Hons) CG Arts & Animation upper second class degree. But now with graduation out of the way, its time to get a job in the industry - with no better way to start than displaying my work at the New Designers exhibition last week. I was displaying my two previous animations 'We'll Meet Again', and 'The Oriental West', along side my first showreel. It was a long week, but such a great one. Everyone's work on show looked great, and the making of books, and business cards added an extra sense of professionalism to the stand. We all now just have to tackle the task of breaking into the industry, but once in remembering each other.

In preparation for the end of life as a student, i have been developing my appearance across the web with a new site to showcase my work, which can be found at, with my LinkedIn profile which can be found HERE, and finally my Behance profile which can be found HERE. There all a work in progress so expect some updates on them very shortly.

Leo, Me, Jordan
The Stand
The Graduates
The Stand In Action

Monday, 2 July 2012

The Oriental West

The final updated animation of 'The Oriental West, ready to showcase at New Designers 2012. Many changes have been made to the animation, such as the movement of some props and some shader development - with the more prominent change being in the render quality of the animation, and the addition of the extended night time shots.

The Oriental West Making Of

Showreel 2012

Here's my fist ever showreel, produced ready for the transition into the industry. I have attempted to keep it short and straight to the point - with it showcasing my transcription project 'We'll Meet Again', and my minor project 'The Oriental West' (which is on its way tomorrow).