Friday, 14 September 2012

The Toilet Terror Re-Re-Edit

Its finally finished, and i couldn't be more happy. The final image has been rendered at a whopping 3840x2161 300dpi, and below is the scaled down version at 1920x1080. I did plan to render the scene in various different render passes (diffuse, ambient, reflection etc..), however i could not get the sub surface scattering shaders to render. So instead i opted for a straight beauty pass, and a serious of detailed matte passes (one for each object) to control the scene in Photoshop. After editing the beauty pass i then applied the ambient occlusion pass, and the zdepth pass to finish it off. Overall I'm very happy with this illustration, and i think it will work very well in my portfolio, and showreel.


  1. The environment is lovely, really. But the character still brings it down; and I see you still didn't put in the time to work on the face more.
    Don't hate me, but I did a red line for you. This piece could be amazing man, but you just need to invest that extra day or two into the girl. Your'e missing key features that sell it.
    The eyebrows are too far to the side, the eyes miss tear ducts, depth, the outer corner crease, etc. The mouth isn't realistic in its shape (It's stylized but you have to follow the rules of anatomy still man. Know the rules before you break them.)
    Trust me, this industry is cut throat, you gotta put the extra effort in to make your piece stand out even more, and these small details really will do that. Here's the redline:

    Take from it what you will, I'm loving the environment though. Good stuff.

  2. Interesting, bet you can't even make a short film of this huh, but. Sorry saying that. But this might not happened, if this one is to be filmed as short film.