Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Updated Showreel

With the 'Toilet Terror' complete, I've now re-edited my showreel so it is included. I'm rather happy with the outcome, I've updated my Vimeo/Youtube channel, and have also been working on my website which is very close to completion. All thats left is to add the fading image slider on the home page, some contact widgets in the contact page, and some behind the scene wip images of the projects.


Friday, 14 September 2012

The Toilet Terror Re-Re-Edit

Its finally finished, and i couldn't be more happy. The final image has been rendered at a whopping 3840x2161 300dpi, and below is the scaled down version at 1920x1080. I did plan to render the scene in various different render passes (diffuse, ambient, reflection etc..), however i could not get the sub surface scattering shaders to render. So instead i opted for a straight beauty pass, and a serious of detailed matte passes (one for each object) to control the scene in Photoshop. After editing the beauty pass i then applied the ambient occlusion pass, and the zdepth pass to finish it off. Overall I'm very happy with this illustration, and i think it will work very well in my portfolio, and showreel.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Environment Complete

I'd say that's about it now for the environment, I've made some very minor tweaks to the shaders, and have added in the window. I was going to do this in post, however with this piece i wanted to get as much of the work done in production - so there's less work to be done within the render layers. I've been working on the girls night dress texture which still needs some minor work, but other than that, the work that remains lies within setting up the render layers, and combining together in post.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nearly There

Ive made some great progress in the last couple of days working on this illustration, i have mainly focused on the characters head, with some minor tweaks added to the bathroom. The characters skin is pretty resolved now, the final tweaks will be added in post. The eye shader/texture is in its final stages, with just the reflected environment to be worked on. Today i have worked on the hair texture/shader, added the eye brows, and tweaked the eye lashes a tiny bit. There is still a fair amount of work to be done in the piece to ensure maximum quality and satisfaction, however i feel as though the finish line is in site. Some comments and criticism will be much appreciated.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Some Eyes

The Texture on the eyes have now been added, as well as the SSS shader for the hands and feet of the character. I need to add some duplicates of the door frame, and a very basic matte painting of a wall for the relection in the eyes, but its not the main focus point of the illustration, so it doesnt need to be anything amazing. Some further also work needs to be done on the finger nails, and perhaps the skin is a bit too red.

Skin SSS

I've spent the day working on the SSS shader for the little girls skin, and with numerous amounts of tedious test renders, i believe I'm at a near final shader for the skin. As you can see in this version of The Toilet Terror, the skin shader has had much more time spent working on it - with some rather pleasing results.